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Bead Choices February 21, 2012

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My current design project has optional beading along the edging. I have lots of choices for bead and yarn combos. I would like some input on which of the choices is best. Click on the pictures to view larger.

First is Dark Peach Lined Crystal AB with Xie bamboo yarn from SWTC.

Next is Silver Lined Crystal AB with Xie.

These are a Silver Lined Matte Purple with the Xie.

Green with Iris (or AB) Finish  with Xie.

The next yarn is Silver Lined Light Blush AB beads with Marici in Impressionist Sunrise by The Unique Sheep.

Then Dark Peach Lined Crystal AB with the Impressionist Sunrise.

Silver Lined Light Sapphire with Impressionist Sunrise.

And last but not least, Shell Pink Luster with Impressionist Sunrise.

I need one bead choice for each of the two yarns. I would like to have one combo with more contrast and one subtle combo. Please comment and let me know which choices you prefer. Thanks for your help.

All of the beads except for the purple and green came from The green and purple beads are from


Lily’s Lilies February 19, 2012

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My newest pattern is an adorable sleeveless dress that I designed for my niece Lily. The dress can be worn year round. In the summer it can be a sundress, and then a jumper paired with a long sleeve shirt and tights in the winter.

The dress is worked flat in one piece. The skirt is knitted sideways from left to right with contrasting short row insets. Then stitches are picked up along the waist and the bodice is knitted from the bottom up. Afterwards, the skirt is grafted and the shoulders and side are seamed up. The dress is finished off with a picot edging along the hem, neckline, and armholes.

The short row gores create a super twirly skirt that will appeal to the heart of every little girl.

I hope you enjoy knitting this dress for the special little girl in your life.

Pattern is available for $6.00 USD.


Sneak Peek February 18, 2012

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I have a new pattern coming out next week. This is a special dress that I created for my niece’s birthday, though she didn’t get it until Christmas. Here is a sneak peek of Lily’s Lilies.


Tassel Tutorial February 16, 2012

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This tutorial is for how to make the tassels on the Nouveau Beaded Capelet nice and neat while anchoring your tail at the same time.

First start by threading the beads onto your yarn using a beading needle or a floss threader. Then cast on 3 stitches using the long tail cast on with the beads on the working end of the yarn. Leave a long tail, at least 12 inches long, you will use it later.

Knit 1 row.

Step 1: Move 50 beads towards needle. Knit into next stitch, forming a loop of beads, do not pull worked stitch off of left needle. Pull yarn snugly against beads.

Step 2: Transfer stitch back to left hand needle

Step 3: Knit 2 together.

Repeat steps 1-3 two more times so that you have a total of 3 beaded loops.

With the working yarn held above the work, wrap the tail tightly around the top of the beaded loops clockwise 3-4 times.

Then, holding the tail with the working yarn, knit 3. This finishes the tassel instructions. Work the Setup Rows holding the tail and working yarn together as well.