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The photography shoot that almost didn’t happen May 18, 2012

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It has been a series of unfortunate events trying to get the photos for my latest pattern.

First, since the name of the pattern is Silver Bells and Cockle Shells, I really wanted the photos to be taken in a garden. But Abilene is not exactly known for it’s gardens. I couldn’t find anything. Was seriously considering asking the gardening centers if we could shoot there. I kept my eyes open as I drove around town. Then, I finally found the right place. Would you believe that it was the underpass? One of the underpasses has really pretty stone terraces with crepe myrtle, salvia, and lantana. It seems a weird place to take pictures, right next to traffic. But it ended up being perfect. Great lighting, and since it’s on an embankment, it made a great backdrop.

Second, trying to schedule a photoshoot around 5 different schedules is always crazy. We needed a time that me, my sister in law who does my photography, and 3 other friends and relatives who were going to model for me. We had to find a time that everyone was available when there would be good light and we all had someone to watch the kids. We finally found a time that would work for everyone but we would be on a tight timetable.

Then it started raining. So we cancelled. Then we tried to reschedule. It kept raining. And kept raining. This is West Texas. Having to schedule around rain is not usually a consideration.

We finally decided that I would do the modeling to simplify the scheduling. As soon as we made this decision and set a new time based on the weather forecast, I broke out in hives. I was completely covered in hives. I still have no idea what I reacted to. Head-to-toe, red, itchy welts is not exactly the most flattering look. I was still in really bad shape at noon on Thursday, but finally hit on the right medication to take to control the hives. Thankfully, my skin cleared up in time.

Emerald and I spent last night taking pictures. Then we went to a coffee house to edit pictures and pattern files without kids. On the way between the shoot and the coffee house though the kids decided to gang up on us. Lily had a meltdown due to a non-existant nap and Kelton needed to be fed.

So all that is left to do is put the pictures into the pattern and finish up the formatting. The formatting is being stubborn, but as soon as I whip it into shape, I will release the pattern.

There will be a contest here after the pattern is released so keep an eye out!


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