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Don’t overwork it June 4, 2012

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I’ve been working on designs using the yarn support I was given while I was at DFW Fiber Fest. The socks using the Budding sock  yarn by Knitting Rose progressed nicely and are now in testing. The variegated lace shawl made from Chiku by The Fiber Lady is also coming along well.

Designing a lace shawl from variegated yarn has been tricky. I tend to do complicated lace and stay away from stockinette. But intricate lace and variegated yarn just fight each other so I knew I needed to try something else. I read a lot of threads on Ravelry about what types of patterns work well with variegated yarn. The consensus has been that large leaf shapes and other simple lace patterns do well. So I found a diamond/leaf shape that I liked and found a way to tile it in an interesting way. My sketch left large blank areas that I kept trying to fill with another lace motif, but it really wanted to be left plain. I really wanted it to have something else. Eventually I realized that I was trying to make it complicated just for the sake of being complicated. I really needed to let the yarn and pattern do what they wanted to do. It’s hard because I really hate stockinette. But that is what this design needs.

I kept hearing Tim Gunn and Nina in my head telling me to take my editing eye to it and make it work.


2 Responses to “Don’t overwork it”

  1. fleegle Says:

    For some reason, Pomatomus-style motifs look lovely in variegated yarn. Maybe try one of those?

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