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Patterns February 16, 2012

Bobbleberry EarwarmerBobbleberry Earwarmer

This headband is the result of my frustration with other headbands and hats that covered my forehead and left my ears cold. The shape of this earwarmer lets it sit vertically on the head and still keep your ears toasty. Braided cables and bobbles give the earwarmer a deep texture. Earwarmer is knit flat in one piece and fastens in the front with ties and buttons at the nape of the neck. Instructions are charted. This pattern is available for $4.50 USD

Bobbleberry MittsBobbleberry Mitts

These mitts feature the same cable and bobble motif as the Bobbleberry Earwarmer and Neckwarmer and are written for two different lengths. Longer mitts are shown. The long, snug cuffs fit nicely under your coat and keep your wrists toasty. Finished Measurements 7.5”/19 cm circumference around palm. Short mitts: 7” total length, 3.5” from wrist to top of mitt Long mitts: 8.5” total length, 5” from wrist to top of mitt The stitch pattern is based on ribbing so they are should fit any size hand. Two lengths are provided. Short for those who have shorter hands or prefer shorter mitts and Long for those with long hands or who prefer longer mitts. Pattern is worked in the round on double point needles. Instructions are charted. This pattern is available for $4.50 USD

Bobbleberry NeckwarmerBobbleberry Neckwarmer

This neckwarmer features the cable and bobble motif from the Bobbleberry Earwarmer and Mitts. Both sides of the fabric are attractive. Finished measurements are 25”/63.5 cm in circumference and 7 inches tall. Instructions are charted. This pattern is available for $4.50 USD

Columns of Grass

The lace pattern on this sock makes me think of a colonade edged with tufts of Pampas Grass. This is a very stretchy sock with a simple lace pattern based on twisted ribbing and mock cables. The sock is knit from the toe up with a wedge toe, traditional looking heel flap and gusset, and an invisible sewn bind off. Sizes Small [Medium, Large] 5.75 [6.5, 7.25] inches unstretched circumference around instep. 14.5 [16.5, 18.5] cm unstretched circumference around instep. This pattern is available for $4.00 USD

Flight of the Bugga

Celebrate rather than bemoan the explosion of bugs that summer brings with your knitting. Moths float on swirls of summer breezes on these lace knee high stockings. Shoe size for sock: S (L)/6-8 (8-10) US Women’s The stitch pattern used on this sock is very stretchy in both directions. You want the sock to have negative ease both in the circumference and in the length in order to open up the stitches. The finished lengths given are the minimum lengths for that size. Directions for adjusting length are included in pattern. Circumference for Socks: 6.5 (7.5)”/16.5 (19) cm Length for Socks: 8 (9.25)”/20.3 (23.5) cm These knee highs are knit in the round from the toe up with a double forked short row heel and an invisible sewn bind-off on the cuff. The socks are cast on using Judy’s Magic Cast On and are increased using lifted increases. Charts are provided for all sizes. The pattern is mirrored on the two socks so make sure you are using the correct chart at all times. Any method of small diameter circular knitting (i.e. dpns, magic loop, two circulars) can be used for this pattern. However, the start of row moves during the course of the leg chart, so this pattern may not be suited to working two at a time. When printing, note that the charts for size small are on pages 4-6, and the charts for size large on pages 7-9. This pattern is available for $5.00 USD

Good Gyrations

This sock is designed to combat the pooling that often occurs when using variegated yarn. The socks are knit toe up using a short row toe, a forked short row heel, and a picot bind off. The left and right socks are mirror images. Because the slipped stitches are only worked every fourth row, they do not count in the number of stitches worked around the sock. Thus, the socks may seem to have an abnormally high number of stitches. Sizes Small 6.25”/15.9cm Medium 7”/17.8cm, Large 7.75”/19.7cm unstretched leg circumference. This pattern is available for $4.00 USD

Line Dance Anklets

This anklet is knitted top down with a ribbed heel flap and a wedge toe. I call this a “follow the yarn” pattern. The instep pattern zig zags as your yarn changes color… or you just feel like it. This makes the pattern complement the way your yarn stripes instead of fighting it. Sizes Small (6.6”/16.7 cm),Medium (7.25”/ 18.4 cm), Large (7.9”/20 cm) unstretched circumference. This pattern is available for $4.00 USD

Nouveau Beaded Capelet

This shawl is inspired by the filmy evening wraps of the Art Nouveau period. I love the effect of the delicate fabric encrusted with flowers and swirls of beads. This is my interpretation of that elegance. Scallops are worked individually on the same circular needle, joined, and the rest of the capelet is worked from the bottom up. Except for the tassels, all beads are placed individually using the crochet hook method. I weighed my finished piece and it weighs 220g or 7.7 oz. It isn’t overly heavy. It has an elegant weight, like a strand of real pearls. The weight is spread across your shoulders and arms and the tassels keep the shawl down over your arms so that the scallops act like arm slits. This pattern is available for $9.00 USD

Tangle of Chartreuse

The name for this cabled sock comes from the September challenge in Sock Knitters Anonymous on Ravelry. The challenge was to knit a pair of socks in Chartreuse. There was a ton of discussion about exactly what color is chartreuse. I think this cable pattern with its wraps and knots sums up that discussion nicely. The sock is knit cuff down, has a patterned heel, gusset decreases on the sole, and a wedge toe. Small, [Medium, Large] 6[7, 8.25] inches unstretched circumference around instep 15.2[17.8, 21] cm unstretched circumference around instep There are lots of cables in this pattern. For most of the pattern, there are cables on every row. I worked the narrower cables without a cable needle and used a cable needle for the 4 over 2 cables. Because there are cables on every row, it will be easier to work the cables if you focus on knitting those sts a little bit looser than normal. This pattern is available for $4.00 USD


Xochiquetzl is the Aztec goddess of fertility and the patroness of those who create luxury items. She is often depicted as a beautiful woman with a retinue of birds and butterflies. These socks with their opulent beading and stylized butterflies seem a fitting design for such a goddess. Small [Medium, Large] 64 [72, 80] sts 6 [7, 8] inches unstretched circumference around instep 15 [17.5, 20] cm unstretched circumference around instep Sock is worked cuff down with gusset shaping on the bottom of the sole. The socks are mirrored for left and right so make sure that you are using the correct chart at all times. Beads are only worked for the first repeat of the chart on the leg. For all other repeats, purl those sts instead. Instructions are charted. This pattern is available for $5.00 USD

Lily’s Lilies

This adorable dress was designed for my niece Lily. I wanted her to have a dress that she could wear year round. In the summer it can be a sundress, and a jumper paired with a long sleeve shirt and tights in the winter The dress is worked flat in one piece. The skirt is knitted sideways from left to right with contrasting short row insets. Then stitches are picked up along the waist and the bodice is knitted from the bottom up. Afterwards, the skirt is grafted and the shoulders and side are seamed up. The dress is finished off with a picot edging along the hem, neckline, and armholes. When choosing which colors to use as CC1 and CC2, realize that while there will be three triangles and stacks of flowers of each color, more of CC2 will show on the front of the dress and the picot trim will be worked in CC1. I used pink as CC1 and purple as CC2. Sizes 3 mo 6 mo, 12 mo, 18 mo, 24 moT, 6, 8) to fit chest sizes 16 17, 18, 19, 203, 25, 26.5) inches/ 40.543, 45.5, 48.5, 518.5, 63.5, 67.5) cm. Finished Measurements Chest: 17 18.25, 19, 20.75, 21.54, 26.5, 28.25) inches/43 46.5, 48.5, 52.5, 54.51, 67.5, 72) cm. Total Length: 11.5 13.5, 14.75, 16.5, 17.250, 24.75, 29) inches/ 29 34.5, 37.5, 42, 441, 63, 73.5) cm.

MelissaKnit_156_smallerFountain of Diamonds

A fountain of diamonds will cascade down your shoulders when you wear this shawl. The design details are chosen to work well with variegated laceweight yarn. The final shape of this shawl is between three-quarters of a square and half of a hexagon which gives a flat bottom edge and plenty to wrap around your shoulders. Measurements 22”/56cm from neck to bottom edge – This can be easily adjusted by working more repeats of the body instructions. Written and charted instructions are provided. Written instructions start on page 2 and charted instructions on page 7. This pattern is available for $9.00 USD


Sometimes you just need to celebrate. Today I am celebrating one year of publishing knitting patterns. Whether you are celebrating a wedding, a graduation, a new dress, or a pretty day, this stole brings the party with you wherever you go. Measurements 72”/183cm long and 11”/29cm wide. Stole is worked from each end in two halves and grafted in the center. This pattern is available for $6.00 USD

MelissaKnit_140_smallerSilver Bells and Cockle Shells

The border of this shawl is based on a vintage edging. I loved the flower and fan motifs so decided to play around with them. The shell like fans with the flowers made me think of the nursery rhyme: Mary, Mary, quite contrary. How does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells, and merry maids in a row.
This crescent shaped shawl is written for three sizes. It is worked from the top down starting from a garter tab and ending with a crochet mesh border. This pattern is available for $9.00 USD

MelissaKnit0223_smallerHouse of the Rising Sun

Worked from the top down, House of the Rising Sun is a dynamic triangular shawl that will keep you on your toes with a variety of techniques and color changes. Ripples of color end in lacy points reminiscent of sun beams. The cut out neck and central panel will keep this shawl perfectly poised on your shoulders all day.
Perfect for pairing a variegated and solid yarn, this shawl uses a beautiful combination of ripples and elongated slip stitch cables. These elongated cables create a splendid embossed effect in three bold panels. The color changes in this pattern have you working from different directions sometimes working two right sides or two wrong sides in a row. This pattern is available for $6.50 USD


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  1. marlamcclanahan Says:

    Very beautiful. Who is actually using the bobbleberry set? I volunteer!!!! I especially like the unpronounceable socks. Melissa, some of your stuff is so beautiful I may have to relearn to knit (did you know that I got confused and started knitting left handed or something after knitting about six inches of a helmet liner and then not picking it up for months? And knotty girls is gone, so I guess I’m going to have to sit myself down in front of this very screen and take some tutorials till I get it.) just to make it!!!

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